I am a native resident of Chicago, Illinois and I have over 25 years of trial litigation experience. My practice involves the aggressive trial representation of individual and corporate clients in all phases of trial litigation, focusing on federal, state, civil, criminal and personal injury trial litigation.   I served as a Federal Prosecutor for 15 years, as an Assistant United States Attorney with the United States Department of Justice. During my tenure I  served as both Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force and Triggerlock Coordinators.. Additionally, I have experience in a wide range of criminal prosecutions and federal litigation experience in United States District Courts throughout the nation. This experience will serve you in the resolution of your litigation issues. The United States  Attorney General presented me with the  Executive Office United States Attorneys Director’s Award. This  award is bestowed on very few attorneys and throughout my career I have been the recipient of numerous other awards.

The Executive Office for the United States Attorneys appointed me Special Attorney to the United States Attorney General on three separate occasions involving the Northern District of Illinois, the Eastern District of Wisconsin  and the District of Arizona.  I am a member of the Illinois, District of Columbia, Georgia and  United States Supreme Court Bar Associations. I have also been admitted to the United States District Courts for the Northern District of Illinois, Northern District of Indiana, and the Eastern District of Wisconsin.

My extensive civil and criminal litigation experience includes numerous high profile cases across the nation wherein I acquired significant litigation experience from both the prosecution and defense perspectives. This extensive litigation experience will make me an asset and significant contributor to successfully resolving your legal issues.


United States Department of Justice

Assistant United States Attorney

Northern District of Indiana / Criminal Division

Recipient of the 2002 Executive Office United

States Attorneys                             Director’s Awards


Federal prosecution of international narcotic trafficking organizations involved in the importation, manufacturing and distribution of controlled substances.  Prosecution of international illegal alien trafficking organizations.  Violent crime prosecutions involving firearm trafficking, explosive devices, carjackings and murder-for-hire.  Former Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force Coordinator and Project Triggerlock Coordinator.  Coordination of complex grand jury multi-district investigations involving the Drug Enforcement Administration, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Treasury Department and the Internal Revenue Service, focusing on money laundering, asset forfeiture and tax evasion.  Financial crime prosecutions involving government procurement programs, health care fraud, and bank fraud.  Briefing and presenting oral arguments in the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit.  Attorney General Designated Special Assistant United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Wisconsin, Milwaukee Division, Northern District of Illinois, Chicago Division and the District of Arizona, Phoenix Division.  United States Department of Justice Special Achievement Awards.

Law Clerk / Tax Division Civil Litigation / United States

Department of Justice, Washington, D.C.


Duties in civil tax litigation included the preparation and trial assistance of cases in the United States Claims Courts, United States District Courts and the United States Courts of Appeals, including appeals from decisions of other Tax Courts and State Appeals Courts.  Responsibilities involved the preparation of pleadings and trial memoranda, along with conducting discovery, and consulting with the Internal Revenue Service concerning litigation proceedings and settlement negotiations.  Initiated litigation involving refund suits, tax assessments, fraudulent conveyances, tax delinquencies, bankruptcy proceedings and all other aspects of civil tax litigation.  Gained significant experience in corporate tax litigation involving substantial funds and complex financial transactions.  Familiarity with the Internal Revenue Code and Regulations thereunder.


Auditor / Saving and Loan Examiner / Department of Examinations and Supervision / Federal Home Loan Bank Board / FSLIC / Chicago, Illinois


Essential task included conducting periodic on-site examinations of insured savings and loan associations in the United States.  Analyzed the overall operations of multi-million and billion dollar associations.  Examined the quality of loan underwriting, management practices and compliance with federal statutes, regulations and corporate bylaws.  Audited financial statements, investment portfolios, lending procedures and examined legal documents.  As Examiner-in-Charge, supervised and delegated assignments to assisting personnel.  Analyzed real estate lending, specifically mortgage, construction and commercial loans.  Evaluated the accuracy and propriety of amortization schedules and annual percentage rate calculations.  Participated in the liquidation of an insolvent savings and loan institution.